Trust a Fitness Expert in Poughkeepsie, NY to Train You

Strengthen Your Body With Functional Training

Do you find daily activities like bending down or lifting your arms challenging? This is normal with age. Functional training is an excellent way to improve movement and strengthen your body, so you can move through the day with confidence. Set up a consultation with a trainer at 1MoRep Training Studio to create a personalized training program that centers around your goals.

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Explore the benefits of functional training

Functional training is an excellent option for beginners because it uses a combination of resistance training and body weight. We'll create a step-by-step program that includes moves to:

Improve your balance
Make daily tasks easier
Strengthen your muscles

Our functional fitness training services aren't cookie cutter. Instead, our trainer will find new ways to keep you on your toes. Set up your consultation with a trainer in Poughkeepsie, NY.