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A Local Personal Trainer Will Help You Reach Your Goals

Working out can be even more fulfilling than normal when you have guidance from a local personal trainer. 1MoRep Training Studio offers group classes and one-on-one personal training at our gym in Poughkeepsie, NY. Receive your individualized plan from a personal strength trainer today to start seeing results.

Call 845-489-2747 now to set up your consultation with a local personal trainer. Don't forget to ask about our personal training, rehabilitation, functional training, strength training and conditioning services.

See a difference in your strength and mobility with one-on-one training

If you're trying to find a personal trainer in Poughkeepsie, NY that doesn't offer cookie-cutter workouts, you've come to the right place. We offer functional training programs tailored to each customer. Discuss your fitness goals, experience level and schedule with our trainer and we'll develop a personalized plan that fits your needs.

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What makes our personal trainer qualified to train you?

Trying to find a personal trainer who offers unique, individualized training programs is challenging− especially if you're recovering from an injury. Fortunately, our rehabilitation trainer is here to help. Reach your goals with one-on-one guidance from a trainer that:

  • Is always improving their craft
  • Has over 30 years of experience
  • Doesn't offer cookie-cutter solutions
  • Takes a practical approach to fitness
  • Offers a personalized loyalty-based discount
  • Is a former Marine and private investigator

You won't need to find another gym after you experience our workout classes. Visit our Testimonials page to read why clients in the area prefer our gym.

"My whole family has worked with Kendall for years and would follow him to any gym to work with him. He does amazing work towards whatever goal I want whether its strength or losing weight. Can't find a better trainer!"

Eric C.

"I have been training with Kendall for almost 20 years. He has gotten me ready for the Marines, Secret Service and Homeland Security; I still train with him to this day. Health and fitness is not a "part time passion" for Kendall and if result is what you want, that's what Kendall delivers!"


"I used to train with Kendall for years and he is one of the best, he's very talented, professional and well known for his work. Kendall has given me tips on training, form, eating, dieting and goes beyond the limits of the gym from indoor to out door training. I have changed a lot because of Kendall, he explains everything with detail and has the best knowledge of the human body, all shapes and sizes. Kendall makes me feel like I can do anything inside and outside of the gym and I'm thankful to him as a leader, friend, and someone I look up to in his profession."

Lendell S.

"I have been training with Kendall for many years. He is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about what he does, and his main focus is on everyone he trains reaching their potential goals.What I appreciate about the way he trains is the variety and uniqueness of his programs. He always has something new to try and each workout is an adventure. His style is thought of as innovative and somewhat out of the box. I like to think of it this way: What makes him stand out from others is by the time other trainers start doing what he's doing, he has moved on to something else."

Kris M.

"I met Kendall when I was in my early 40s, married with 2 young children and a full time career that required a lot of travel. I was experiencing several issues at the time, neck, shoulder and back pain as well as frequent migraines. The first round of doctors suggested physical therapy and even surgery so I tried physical therapy several times with different therapists but didn't find any relief and many times felt worse. Still afraid of surgery I decided I needed a bigger change in caring for my body. My husband suggested I talk to Kendall. I met with Kendall and gave him my long list of complaints and he designed workouts specifically for me which addressed my whole body, not just what I thought ailed me. Within weeks I noticed a pretty significant reduction in my symptoms and by 6 months I felt like a different person. Over the course of another decade he's been a rock as well as an inspiration to keep me focused on both maintaining and improving my overall fitness. He continually adjusted, changed or tweaked various programs to help me face various issues or just to keep me interested and motivated. It would take a few chapters to describe the care and creativity he puts into helping people attain their goals. I plan to remain a client for as long he'll let me!"